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Learn all the tips, tricks & techniques to help you apply the most gorgeous make-up and look your flawless best, in just 16 weeks!

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You Can Do It Right!

If you are a fashionista, the stark difference between a salon finish and makeup at home must not have missed your naked eye! But ever wondered why so?

Well, at Gorgeous Squad we not only bring to you the answer but also take the initiative to make a difference to your approach. Sign up to unlock the secret.

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An Offbeat Approach

Experience the fun of exploring brand new makeup ideas and techniques, that craftily adds a
twist to your understanding of conventional makeup.

  • Eye MakeupLearn the art of using the right applicator that can draw & define those intriguing eyes.
  • Face MakeupPerfect your strokes to attain that spotless appeal and use the subtlest tool to veil the imperfections.
  • Eye MakeupLearn the art of using the right applicator that can draw & define those intriguing eyes.
  • Occasional TouchMaster the art of innovating newer concepts that can make a visible difference to regular looks, based on the event.

Discover The New You

Unlock the secret of perfecting your makeup skills by enrolling with us and experience the burst of confidence within!

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Our Contribution

Gorgeous Squad is committed to offering you the right exposure for reinventing your makeup skills, with its diverse range of guided tutorials, illustrative plans and guidelines, curated by ace professionals.

  • Application TechniquesGuided tutorials and descriptive plans ensure you perfect your strokes in 16 weeks.
  • Product GuideUnbiased evaluation of popular beauty products helps you zero down on the right ones.
  • Skincare RoutineComprehensive regimen essentially helps you take optimal care of your skin health & appearance.

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Pick a plan and enrich your artistic flair to experiment with contemporary looks & trends with confidence.